Manufactured and Mobile homes in Florida


Certified manufactured home specialist


   Manufactured and mobile homes have many unique features that make an inspection important. They do not usually have a permanent foundation, but are set on steel jacks or concrete blocks.

In Florida the tie down system used is very important due to possible hurricane winds. These must be carefully inspected to insure they have not been damaged, improperly installed, or deteriorated.

   The roofing and  marriage wall integrity are just some of the many  things that must be carefully inspected.

   I have inspected hundreds of manufactured and mobile homes and have had training specific to these structures!

   If your lender requires a foundation certification I can provide one through Harrison Engineering.

   Citrus County Home Inspection is proud to provide certified manufactured and mobile home inspection services in Ocala, Crystal River, Dunnellon, Gainesville, Inverness, Homosassa, Inverness, Lecanto, Beverly Hills, Hernando, Bronson, Williston and Dunnellon, and all of north central Florida!