Client Testimonials

  "Citrus County Home Inspection" is one of the best inspection services in Citrus County, one of the few that actually works to my customers' schedule. 
    Robert Wilson has been a builder/contractor and he understands the process from the ground up. I know this knowledge is what makes him so effective in this market.
Bonnie D

  Mr. Wilson noted that the bottom of the furnace was rusted out due to a leaking humidifier. Also there were rust holes in the valley flashing requiring roofing repair. After the inspection we were able to get the seller to reduce his price.    
Jill F.   Crystal River Fl  

Robert inspected the new log home we were buying and pointed out several things that the builder should have done with the house and grading. The builder made the changes and now we are happy in our new home.
Jim and Patti
Experienced,easy to work with. He found an issue that would have cost me a lot of money to fix. The homeowners did not even know there was an issue. I am so glad I hired him !!!!
Victoria S.   Brooksville Fl